{Redirect Those Browsers, Kids!}

19 Oct

It’s up, it’s running, and YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT!
The new website/blog is up and running at dawnschaffer.com! So redirect those browsers!
The old blog will stay right here, but all new posts will be in the new location. I hope you continue to stick with me and follow me on over. If you stop in, leave me a little note and let me know what you think!!!


{A Little Something Nice}

16 Oct

Just wanted to pop in with an extra little tease of Michelle+Devon’s wedding. Hopefully it will ease Michelle’s nerves. I know she’s super anxious to get them back! Almost done, girly! 🙂

{Teaser: Betsy+Jordan – part deux}

12 Oct

Here it is! Part two of Betsy+Jordan’s ePics. Tease tease tease! 🙂 Also, have I mentioned how much I love every moment I spend on Purdue’s campus?! ❤ {Minor plug: SERIOUSLY! If you want to do a session at Purdue with me, hit me up!}

Hello, I'm Betsy, and I'm DROP. DEAD. GORG. Obvs. {Like that, Bets? TWO abbrevs!}


Feets! {+Purdue+Engineering Fountain+Autumn…}

NOT under the bell tower! But SO cute. ❤ Why not under the bell tower? Because there are legends! {And we all want to graduate!}


{Teaser: Betsy+Jordan}

9 Oct

This is part one of two {the second happens Tuesday at my alma mater!} of Betsy+Jordan’s engagement session. And it’s just a small tease. But don’t you LUUUURVE it?! Ugh, I die. I love so much! {Side note: Who ordered the 83 degree weather a week and a half into October?! Not cool, Indiana!}

Betsy+Jordan – I have never laughed so hard at a shoot. Pretty sure. I had a great time today!

Giggles! {I love all the giggle photos we got today! LOOOVE! ❤ So genuine, sweet, and full of love!}

I thought this was going to be a random grab that didn’t turn out. But, oh, did it ever turn out! This may be one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. Imperfectly perfect? Yes? YES!

Pretty please order this in a canvas!!! {P.S. I told you it was freakin’ awesome!}

People in love. Blue skies. With fluffy clouds! Autumn leaves. This is why I love photography. Absolutely!

{Engagement: Amanda+Mike}

6 Oct

Feets! {And look at that sass, Amanda! I told you that you had it in you!}

And a couple of ‘making faces at each other’ photos. I told them I had caught them. And I love them. SO CUTE! ❤

I am so glad you won the contest!!! I had so much fun with both of you. Even if I’m not the person you choose to photograph your wedding, I wish you the best day/life/marriage/etc. EVER! You totally are amazing and I absolutely adore both you!